Our voice is the link between our inner and outer worlds, and is one of the few frequencies that accompanies every moment of our lives. 

Working with our voice allows us to tap into new dimensions of our being — and activate our own self-healing capabilities. 

When what we intuitively feel, internally think, and externally communicate are in alignment, we are rooted in an authentic space of living.

About Serena

Serena Malkani M.A. is an internationally recognized sound ritualist and clinical Ayurvedic advisor. Serena’s mission is to bring awareness to ancient eastern practices, and how they complement and enhance the western approach to wellness. She integrates her psychology expertise with the medicinal qualities of Sound, Ayurveda, and Yoga to develop long-term preventative health care rituals. Serena currently offers private training to Psychedelic Assisted therapists and other practitioners on how to work with the voice and implement sound into client sessions.



This song is an offering to Yemanja, the mother of all Orishas (deities). Celebrated as the giver of all life, Yemanja is a principal water spirit,  revered across many cultures including West Africa, Cuba, and Brazil. She governs everything pertaining to women, child safety, love, and healing. Part of the mantra is written in Yoruba, an ancient West African language.

My hope is that this song will invoke many meditative journeys and serve as a ritual to soothe your inner child.

Mantra Medicine

Mantra medicine is a collection of slow-paced invocations for you to sing along with me. Each meditation has a unique intention and is repeated 108 times.

Mantra Loops

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